Financial Services

This Purdue Research Foundation division oversees various services the foundation offers to support the needs of Purdue University, including the research grants, charitable trusts and gift programs that ultimately benefit Purdue's growth and development. To learn more about these financial services, please contact the Financial Services Department.

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable inquires should be directed to Linda Kingma, operations associate, at 765-588-3589. Associated forms include:

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable inquiries for Purdue Foundation should be directed to Rachelle He at 765-269-4680. Accounts receivable inquiries for Purdue Research Foundation should be directed to Darlene Deboy, accounting associate, at 765-588-1064. Associated forms include: 


Inquiries regarding advances should be directed to Linda Baer. For additional information, consult the Payroll Services website.


Purdue Research Foundation experiences a biweekly pay schedule. Inquiries regarding payroll processing and benefit deductions for Purdue Research Foundation should be directed to Bobby Riddell staff accountant, at 765-588-1044.

PRF Commercial Credit Card

The Purdue Research Foundation Commercial Card (PRF Card) is a MasterCard that is issued through and supported by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The PRF Card is intended to facilitate the efficient expenditure of Purdue University's School of Discretionary and Institutional Program funds by streamlining the procurement and payment process. These cards are primarily used for restaurant, catering, grocery and hotel banquet charges. General information, an implementation checklist, proper procedures and allowable expenditures are outlined in the PRF Commercial Card Handbook. Departmental cards are issued at the request of the deans or department heads. Individual cards are typically reserved for Purdue staff members who entertain clients on a frequent basis (i.e., deans, directors and representatives from Purdue's Office of Advancement).

To apply for a commercial credit card:

Please send all new applications or changes to an existing card (adding cardholders or increasing credit limit) to Tammy Gick, Purdue Research Foundation Division of Accounting, at 765-588-3338.

To report a lost or stolen PRF Card, contact JPMorgan Chase & Co. immediately at 800-848-2813, and alert Tammy Gick, Purdue Research Foundation, at 765-588-3338.

To contact customer service (errors, disputes, returns, credits), call JPMorgan Chase at 800-316-6056.

School Discretionary & Institutional Program Funds

School Discretionary & Institutional Program Funds are restricted charitable contributions. The guidelines contain information on the use of these funds. Discretionary fund reimbursements are processed within a two-week turnaround time from the date received. Inquiries regarding the processing of discretionary fund reimbursements should be directed to Tammy Gick, operations associate, at 765-588-3338. Associated forms include:

PRF Discretionary Name Change or New SDIP Policy  

For new individuals, please include a completed W-9 form.

Gifting & Trust Administration

Purdue Research Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that may accept gifts and administer trusts as part of its mission to aid Purdue University. The Purdue University Development Office provides complete information regarding:

Annuity and Trust Administration — If the Purdue Research Foundation is trustee of your charitable trust, you may update your trust's associated personal information by emailing or by contacting Mary Anne Schmidt, Director of Endowment and Gift Administration, at 765-588-1219; or Mary Stultz, accounting associate, at 765-588-1220.

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