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Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette

Chief Development Officer - Davidson School of Chemical Engineering 8/16/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Vice President and Chief Entrepreneurial Officer 8/14/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Temporary Programmer - Archives 8/13/2018 C-SPAN
Chief Development Officer - Libraries, Purdue University Press and Honors College 8/13/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Embedded Systems Engineer 8/9/2018 SensorHound, Inc.
Process Engineer 8/9/2018 Purdue GMP Center
Software Engineer, Back-End 8/9/2018 SensorHound, Inc.
Mechanical Engineering Technology Licensing Manager 8/8/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Shipping and Receiving Associate 8/6/2018 BASi
Student Worker, Chemical Engineering Development Office 8/1/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Student Worker, Office of Special Events 8/1/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Project Manager, Discovery Park District 8/1/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Marketing and Communications Intern 8/1/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Student Worker, Health and Human Sciences Development Office 7/31/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Student Worker, College of Agriculture Development Office 7/30/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Systems Software Engineer 7/17/2018 SensorHound,Inc.
Manager of Alumni Relations and Special Events, Purdue Polytechnic Institute 7/13/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Gift and Data Services Associate 7/13/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives 6/11/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Video Teller 6/7/2018 PFCU
Member Consultant 6/7/2018 PFCU
Business Analyst 6/7/2018 PFCU
Application Administrator 6/6/2018 PFCU
Help Desk Administrator 6/6/2018 PFCU
Product Life Cycle Engineer II 5/31/2018 Cook Biotech Inc.
Product Life Cycle Engineer I 5/31/2018 Cook Biotech Inc.
Business Systems Analyst 5/31/2018 Cook Biotech Inc.
Regulatory Affairs Specialist 5/25/2018 Cook Biotech Inc.
Senior Core Products Engineer 5/25/2018 Cook Biotech Inc.
Senior Director of Development, College of Engineering 5/24/2018 Purdue Research Foundation
Junior Back End Developer 5/8/2018 Concordance Health Solutions
Contact Center Representative 4/23/2018 PFCU
Research Associate - Chemistry 4/17/2018 On Target Laboratories
Research Associate - Biology 4/17/2018 On Target Laboratories
Biology Research Associate 4/5/2018 On Target Laboratories
Embedded Engineer 2/12/2018 BASi
Engineering Logistics Associate 12/4/2017 Cook Biotech


Kurz Purdue Technology Center, 1281 Win Hentschel Blvd., West Lafayette, IN 47906, 765-588-3470

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