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Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette

Project Manager, Digital Campaigns 11/23/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Research Associate in Chemistry 11/23/2021 Novosteo
Saab - Quality Inspector 11/22/2021 Saab
Saab - Quality Incoming Inspector 11/22/2021 Saab
Saab - Buyer-Commodity Professional 11/22/2021 Saab
Saab - Senior Product Engineer (Change Management) 11/22/2021 Saab
Saab - Senior Buyer-Commodity Professional 11/22/2021 Saab
Graphic Designer 11/22/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Saab - Production Planner 11/22/2021 Saab
Saab - Senior Manufacturing Engineer 11/22/2021 Saab
Saab - Lead IFS Programmer Analyst/Oracle DBA 11/22/2021 Saab
Saab - Senior Assembler 11/22/2021 Saab
Saab - Senior IT Support Professional 11/22/2021 Saab
Saab - Lead Airworthiness Inspector 11/22/2021 Saab
Project and Operations Manager 11/19/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Writer/Editor 11/19/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Photographer/Videographer 11/19/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Assembler - SEL 11/17/2021 SEL
Chemistry Research Intern 11/12/2021 On Target Laboratories
Student Worker, College of Health and Human Sciences 11/10/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Transactional Paralegal, Office of Technology Commercialization 11/9/2021 Purdue Research Foundation
Assistant/Associate Director-John Purdue Club/Assistant Director of Development 11/8/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Accounting Manager 11/8/2021 Purdue Research Foundation
Senior Special Events Coordinator 11/4/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Marketing, Communications, Social Media and Events Student Intern 11/3/2021 Purdue Research Foundation
Special Events Coordinator 11/3/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Assistant Facilities Manager 11/1/2021 Purdue Research Foundation
Application Developer 10/28/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Executive Director of Industry Partnerships - Health 10/25/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Director of Development, Industrial Engineering 10/22/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Senior Director, Venture Growth 10/21/2021 Purdue Research Foundation
Student Clerical Worker 10/13/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Full-Time Software Developers and UI Designers 10/12/2021 DelMar Software Development
Data Scientist 10/7/2021 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Summer Internship, Plant Breeding 10/6/2021 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Summer Internship, Operations Research Analyst 10/6/2021 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Licensing Analyst 10/6/2021 Purdue Research Foundation
Project Manager, Unit Campaigns 10/6/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Director of Alliances 9/22/2021 Purdue Research Foundation
Assistant Director of Alumni Clubs 9/17/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Director of Industry Partnerships 9/3/2021 Purdue for Life Foudnation
Student Worker - Engagement Services 8/26/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Embedded Systems Engineer 8/25/2021 WaveLogix Inc.
Principal Electrical Test Engineer 8/25/2021 Rolls-Royce
Legal Counsel 8/23/2021 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Investment Services Intern 8/23/2021 Purdue Federal Credit Union
Vendor Management Intern 8/23/2021 Purdue Federal Credit Union
Product Manager, Corn and Soybean 8/17/2021 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Senior IP Attorney 8/10/2021 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Greenhouse Assistant 8/5/2021 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Staff Analytical Scientist 8/3/2021 Novilytic
Senior Embedded Software Engineer 7/29/2021 Wearable Brain
Director of Industry Partnerships 7/21/2021 Purdue for Life Foundation
Data Scientist 7/8/2021 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Research Technician 6/28/2021 RiKarbon, Inc.
Research Scientist 6/28/2021 RiKarbon, Inc.


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