Evaluation Process

  • OTC will do its internal review of all the proposals and score them based on the following criteria:

a.    Significance of the invention

b.    Stage of development

c.    Commercialization potential

d.    Path to Commercialization

e.    Intellectual Property landscape

f.     Applicant’s commitment to commercialization

  • Based on the internal review, OTC will shortlist applicants that are invited to the Trask Innovation Fund Advisory Council meeting.
  • If a proposal is selected, the applicant will be asked to must pitch the proposed project to the Trask Innovation Fund Advisory Council.
  • Each pitch session will be 10 minutes long with 5-10 minutes for questions.
  • The objectives of the pitch session are to provide a forum for the applicant to benefit from the expert advice of the Trask Innovation Fund Advisory Council and to provide an opportunity for the applicant to address the questions of the Trask Innovation Fund Advisory Council.
  • Applicants are advised to work with the Business Development Manager (BDM) from the Office of Technology Commercialization that is managing their disclosure as they prepare for the pitch session.
  • Presentation made to the Trask Innovation Fund Advisory will be evaluated on the following criteria:
    • The technology's novelty and need
    • Market size, needs and competition
    • Technology readiness for the market
    • Impact the requested Trask Innovation Fund funding will have on the technology's stage of development
    • Legal landscape for the technology (i.e., IP position and third-party obligations)
    • The principal investigator's commitment to commercialization
    • Experimental design of the proposed project 
  • Based on the recommendation of Trask Innovation Fund Advisory Council OTC will make its funding decision.

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