Trask Innovation Fund Timeline


Trask TimelineProposal Outline

Page limit (excluding budget and supporting documents):

Innovation Sparks- 6 pages, Commercialization Partners Sparks- 7 pages

Title of Project PRF Reference No. Name of the PI

Proposal Track: Choose one of the following

• Innovation Sparks (Life Science and Medical Devices)

• Innovation Sparks (Physical Science)

• Commercialization Partners Sparks

A. Background information: Address the following questions under this section

• What is the invention?

• Why was it created?

• What need does it address?

• How does it address the need?

• What might be claimed in a patent?

B. Summary of the competitive landscape

C. Statement of work

• What will be done with the Trask Innovation Fund Award?

• Describe the proposed work and timeframe to complete the work.

D. Regulatory approvals (if applicable) are required if project is funded (Animal & Human Subject, etc.)

E. Prior, Current, or Pending Support

F. Marketing

• How will the proposed scope of work make the invention more marketable?

• Are there any companies currently interested in taking license to this technology? If so, please elaborate.

G. Commercialization Strategy (Only for Commercialization Partners Sparks)

• Provide specific information on the market needs the technology will address

• Market Size

• Go to market strategy.

• Letter of Support from the Optionee (if applicable)

H. Budget requested by category (include department name and number):

• Salaries Research Assistant, Graduate Students, and postdocs (no funds to be used for faculty salary compensation)

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