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Fusion Point Consortium Offers Innovative IP and Expertise

The Fusion Point Consortium offers corporations access to leading edge technologies, innovations and a cadre of technical and marketing students to support the development and commercialization of new products derived from existing Intellectual Property developed at Purdue University.

 Fusion Point offers Purdue Patents, Copyrights and Designs in the following Technology Areas:

  • Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Materials & Mechanical Engineering
  • Agricultural & Life Sciences
  • Civil engineering
Fusion Point cycle diagram

Why this Partnership Works

Purdue excels in generating new ideas, have a longer time horizon which allows them to undertake research that may be several years from a viable product. As a research institution we are not focused on commercialization. We need an outstanding partner who can effectively develop and commercialize products.


The Fusion Point Consortium offered by the Purdue Research Foundation is a unique endeavor which leverages the strengths of both academics and industry while overcoming their inherent weaknesses; each addresses the deficiencies of the other creating a sum that is greater than the parts.


Corporations excel in efficient execution to providing products and services to its customers and meeting their needs in the near term. Many choose to avoid the exposure associated with innovation that is essential for sustainability and long term growth. Firms become focused on profits and develop an aversion to risk which leaves them venerable to disruptive technologies. Companies need a partner that has a talent for generating new ideas.

How Your Company Can Get Involved

Your company can join the consortium at membership levels of $25,000 and $50,000 per year, getting access to Purdue IP in the consortium in certain field of interest as well as one Capstone (Senior Design) project with a marketing intern or two Capstone projects and two marketing interns respectively.

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