Office of Investments

Welcome to the Office of Investments

The Office of Investments manages the combined Purdue Investment Pool (PIP) of $2.397 billion and the Purdue Investment Pool – Cash (PIPC) of $1.514.  All funds are managed according to the policies established by the Board of the Purdue Research Foundation under the direction of the Investment Committee.  As of June 30, 2015, funds under management included endowed funds, trusts, annuities and cash totaled $4.0 billion.

The Investment Committee has oversight responsibility for the management of the investments and directs the daily activities of the Office of Investments. The Investment Committee has adopted a diversified approach to investing that balances the goals of maximizing return and preserving purchasing power. By diversifying among asset classes and rebalancing toward policy target allocations, the Investment Committee expects to enhance the PIP's and PIPC's real market value and provide a significant long-term funding source for the University's spending requirements.

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