Trask Innovation Fund officials set Oct. 31 application deadline

Published: October 11, 2012

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Purdue University researchers in all disciplines who seek funding to develop their discoveries can submit proposals through Wednesday, Oct. 31 to receive up to $50,000 for a six-month period from a Purdue Research Foundation-managed fund.

The Trask Innovation Fund is a development program to assist faculty who have disclosed a discovery to the Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization and are close to commercializing the discovery.


The 10-member Trask Innovation Fund Advisory Council is composed of representatives from Purdue Research Foundation, Purdue University Office of the Vice President for Research, Purdue faculty and executives from the local business community. It oversees two rounds of funding each year.


Faculty and staff members must submit a Proposal Outline to their departmental business office. They will complete an online Proposal Submission form through Sponsored Program Services, whereby it will be recorded and forwarded to the Office of Technology Commercialization. Information about making proposals to the Trask Innovation Fund Advisory Council can be found at


In 2012, the council awarded more than $600,000 to 14 proposals from Purdue faculty and staff:


* Douglas Adams, Kenninger Professor of Renewable Energy and Power Systems, "Minimal Sensing Impact Identification for Helmet Load Monitoring," $50,000.


* Richard Borch, Lilly Distinguished Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and head of the medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology, "Immune Response Enhancement Using Linker-Modified Proteins," $44,829.


* Paul Collodi, professor of animal sciences, "Large-scale Production of Non-fertile Fish for Aquaculture and the Pet Industry," $46,870.


* Catherine Hill, associate professor of entomology, "New Chemical Entities for Novel Insecticides," $45,000.


* Bob McCullouch, research scientist in construction engineering and management, "Trask Initiative 3iD," $36,655.


* Eric Nauman, associate professor of mechanical engineering, "Evaluation of a Multiscale Polymer-based Armor for the Dissipation of Blast Waves," $50,000.


* David Nolte, professor of physics, "Dynamic Imaging for In Vitro Embryo Viability Assessment: A new Assisted Reproductive Technology," $48,324.


* David Nolte, professor of physics, "Tissue Dynamics Spectroscopy for Drug Discovery," $46,669.


* Rodolfo Pinal, associate professor in the Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, "Development of Novel Prefabricated Film Based Dosage Forms: Eye on Commercialization," $49,999.


* Jenna Rickus, associate professor of agricultural and biological engineering, "BioShell Islets to Treat Type I Diabetes," $50,000


* Michael E. Scharf, associate professor and the O.W. Rollins/Orkin Chair of the Department of Entomology, "Termite-Derived Biocatalysts for Use in Sustainable Energy Production," $40,590.


* Riyi Shi, professor of neurosciences and biomedical engineering, "Acrolein-mediated Neuropathic Pain and its Treatment in Spinal Cord Injury," $36,779.


* Kevin Trumble, professor of materials engineering, "Reducing to Practice the Proposed Invention, Copper-based Casting Alloys and Process for Producing the Same," $26,533.


* Yoon Yeo, assistant professor of industrial and physical pharmacy, "Development of Membrane Filters for Endotoxin Removal," $45,000.


About Purdue Research Foundation


Purdue Research Foundation is a private, nonprofit foundation created to advance the mission of Purdue University. The foundation accepts gifts; administers trusts; funds research, scholarships and grants; acquires property; and negotiates research contracts on behalf of Purdue. In the 1990s, the foundation was charged with helping the university in the realm of economic development. The Purdue Research Foundation oversees the Purdue Research Park, which is the largest university-affiliated business incubator in the country. In addition to the Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette, the foundation has established technology parks in other locations around Indiana including Indianapolis, Merrillville and New Albany.


About Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization


The Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization operates one of the most comprehensive technology transfer programs among leading research universities in the United States. Services provided by this office support the economic development initiatives of Purdue University and benefit the university's academic activities.



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